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seminari kongresi sajmovi

11. 04. - 15.04. '07.

26. 04. -29.04. '07.
26. 04.- 29. 04. '07.
Research and designing, construction and maintenance of buildings, building constructuion and civil engineering, hydroconstruction, construction materials, structures equipping, machines, devices and equipment, adaptation, reconstruction and restauratuion, building trade crafts informatics and project control, interior furnishing.

  Seeds, nursery plants, decorative dendrological material, fresh flowers, artifical flowers made of silk, dried flowers, equipment, devices and horticulture tools, equipment for irrigation and watering, air-conditioning in greenhouses, pots for planting and decorations, technical literature.
  Travel agencies, associations and organizations, hotels, tourist centers, hunting tourism, airway companies, international tour operators, hotels.

We will organise your transfer, accomodation and anything extra you need.
Wisit for full information on fairs in Belgrade.

We can offer to you a whole specter of possibilities:

- marketing
- rent of exclusive business space
- printing, copying and publishing
- technical services

To our clients and visitors we can arrange:

- Internet and mail
- Banks, exchange and money transfer
- Organising groups, group and individual transfer
- Hotel reservations
- Rent-a-car
- Security
- First Aid

Congress activities:

- Programming data bases for congresses
- Updating databases
- Preparing and printing materials
- Computer registration of attendances
- Technical services:
- Audio recording
- Mobile conference technologies
- Simultaneous translating
- Scene and special effects light
- Video recording and production
- Slide projectors
- Laser pointers
- Presentations
- 3D animation


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